Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TV- Monday Night Recap 10/13

The Sarah Connor Chronicles was pre-empted by baseball, which is good since the Giants were on Monday Night Football.  Of course, the Giants got whupped by the Browns which was significantly less good.  Anyway, on to scripted TV...

How I Met Your Mother

Much better episode than last week.  Not outrageously funny, but at least they weren't ragging on Jersey again.  I'm starting to think Stella's not the mother...


Well, at least something Giants related was good.  Michael Strahan as a bully from the sporting goods store tormenting Morgan and Lester was pretty funny.  Anna beating him with a tripod was also funny.  And Casey calling for a background because he has a candidate for a field agent was perfect. Captain Awesome running interference between Bryce and Sarah was also good.

What's  weird is that I usually don't like the side stories as much as the main one, but I could have done without another Chuck "I'm not as good as Bryce" episode.  It wasn't horrible, but I liked the bully story better.


I'm really starting to like how Sylar is developing.  Seeing him play Claire and HRG off each other was pretty good.  I still haven't seen a reason why Peter needed Sylar's power.  And I'm just not buying Mohinder's actions.  Or Hiro's for that matter, but I suspect that stabbing Ando was a trick.  HRG also took a step backwards, lying to Claire and trying to use the vortex guy to kill Sylar.  Again decent action this episode, but stupid characterization, except Sylar.  

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