Sunday, October 12, 2008

Music Reviews- Low Vs Diamond, Oasis, Buckcherry

Low Vs. Diamond - "Low Vs. Diamond"
iPod: 11/11
iPhone: Don't Forget Sister
This Is Your Life
Cinema Tonight
Heart Attack
Save Yourself
I'll Be

These things tend to come in pairs for me.  Last week I wrote about Kings of Leon "Only By the Night."  This disc is just as solid.  Start to finish, there isn't a single bad song.  None of the songs needed a "grow on me" bump to get ripped to the iPod, but a couple are edging their way onto the iPhone.  I also mentioned my disappointment with the new Killers' song.  This band is very reminiscent of early (i.e. "good") Killers, so if you like them, you'll love Low vs. Diamond.

Oasis - "Dig Out Your Soul"
iPod: 6/11
iPhone: Bag It Up
The Shock Of The Lightning

For me, this album is a bit front loaded.  The early songs rock.  The later songs have more of a Beatle-esque wanna be feel, but they aren't quite strong enough compared to the early tracks.  With more listens, one or two of them may grow on me a little bit, but overall this is an average album.

Buckcherry- "Black Butterfly"
iPod: 0/12

Oh, this is a tough one.  Maybe I like "15" more than it deserved, and I want to like this follow up.  The songs on "Black Butterfly" aren't that bad.  The problem is that there's nothing new.  Every track has a very similar song on the previous album, but in every case, the old version is the better one.  There's also nothing that's quite as fun or catchy as "Crazy Bitch."  I'll probably come around a rip a couple songs later, but when I do, it will be because of how much I liked their last album.


Rebeca Trautner said...

oasis is still alive?

Rob's Randomosity said...

Surprising, huh? You'd think at least one of the Gallagher's would be dead (probably killed by his brother.)

Rebeca Trautner said...

we need to build your community here.